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TEC TC-780i Mobile Stereo Line Level Amp / Booster
TC-780i Mobile Line Level Amp / Booster Front
The TEC TC-780i is a tiny (3" x 1.75" x .75") stereo line amplifier specifically designed to allow easy connection of an iPod, MP3 player, Discman or virtually any other portable source to a car audio system. It can also be installed in boats, motorhomes or any other place where 12VDC is available. With the OPTIONAL AC adaptor, it can be used at home as well.

Because the TEC TC-780i provides considerable gain, it can correct level mismatch issues that often cause portable players to be lower in volume than other sources. A second rear panel input (selected automatically when nothing is plugged into the front input) allows the TEC TC-780i to be used even in situations where all available inputs are already occupied.

The mobile installation hardware included allows mounting either over, under or in most dashboards. The underdash bracket can also be used to attach to a home stereo, or the TEC TC-780i can simply be set on a shelf.
Recommended price for end customers
Euro 58.00 incl. 19% VAT
TC-780i Mobile Line Level Amp / Booster Gift Box

  • 1 MP3 Input (Minijack)
  • 1 Aux Input (Cinch, adjustable)
  • 1 Line Output (Cinch)
  • Gain: 10 db (with trimmer and output control set fully CW)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz ±0,5dB
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 90 dBA
  • Max output before clipping: 2.3 Volts p/p
  • Input Sensitivity: 100 mV
  • Input Impedance: 2 kΩ
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0,1 % (measured with 100 mV input / 300 mV output)
  • Solid, Black Metal Case
  • CE certified
  • Direct Current Sink: Device can be used worldwide
  • Dimensions: 95/49 mm × 55 mm × 22 mm (in-/under-dash faceplate)

TC-780i Mobile Line Level Amp / Booster Package
What's Included:

  • 1. TC-780i with integrated input / output cables
  • 2. Two interchangeable faceplates (in-dash and under-dash)
  • 3. Mounting bracket with side screws and allen wrench
  • 4. DC cord for mobile installation
  • 5. Mini/mini-plug cord for iPod / MP3 connection
  • 6. Mini /sub-mini adaptor (for use with sub-mini HP jacks)
  • 7. Stick-on rubber feet for in-home use
(Power Supply (12 V DC) for in-home use can be ordered OPTIONAL.)
TC-780i Home Connections TC-780i Mobile Connections