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TEC TC-820 Integrated Digital Stereo Amplifier
TC-820 Integrated Amplifier Front
The TC-820 is a compact and stylish 15 watt stereo audiophile-grade integrated amplifier which uses Tripath's highly respected TA-2024 output chip and digital power processing technology. This design offers both the audio fidelity of a Class AB design and the power efficiency of a Class D amplifier. Class T operation produces very little heat, keeping the need for heavy heat-sinking to a minimum while conserving energy and permitting very efficient battery operation, if desired.

This device is THE solution, when

  • larger equipment is ill-suited,
  • 12VDC operability is needed.

A lantern, car or motorcycle battery can be used in place of the included AC power supply, making the TC-820 truly portable.

Four rear panel RCA line inputs and one front 3.5mm stereo mini jack (for iPod or MP3) are provided, along with outputs for speakers (4 - 16 ohms) or headphones (both 1/8" and 1/4" phone plugs are accommodated). To compensate the wide range of output levels produced by various products (MP3, MD, walkmans etc), the TC-820 includes a rear panel level control to permit balancing the front panel input gain against the rear inputs.

The front panel input jack is self-selecting; plugging an iPod or other source into it mutes whichever rear panel input is currently playing.
Recommended price for end customers
Euro 160.00 incl. 19% VAT
TC-820 Integrated Amplifier Back

  • 4 line inputs (Cinch)
  • 1 MP3 input (3.5mm stereo jack)
  • Dynamic range: 98 dB
  • Total harmonic distortion: < 0,03 % @ 9 W, 4 Ω
  • Adjustable front panel input gain (via rear panel control)
  • Quality gold-plated three way speaker terminals accommodate banana plugs, tinned ends or bare wire
  • Solid steel case with aluminium front
  • Input selection via soft-touch tact switches with LED indicators
  • Over-current and over-temperature protection
  • CE certified
  • Direct current sink: device can be used worldwide
  • Switching power supply (100~240 V AC, 12 V DC, 3.3 A) included
  • Dimensions: 250 mm × 155 mm × 47 mm
TC-820 Connections